What others have said about my work, and work ethics. All the originals of the following  testimonials are on file at the offices of White Shadow Photography should you be willing to see them.

Testimonials Part 1:

I find whatever photo subjects he(Bibhash) chooses to supplicate, he comes out with magical and exemplary results, his older photos are delightful to see and I am amused and intrigued at the same time whenever I see his new photos.

Bibhash is a rare find. He flits effortlessly between wonderful evocative landscape photography, photo journalism and some of the amazing aviation photographs I've seen - skillfully captured and composed in ways that (if you've been a few air shows) beggars belief.

He (Bibhash) tells stories and takes photographs for a living and in my honest opinion, is great at both. Bibhash has a great sense of humor as is demonstrated in his photos.

Oh my gosh! Yes, I am interested. It's perfect. But I hate for you to give up a possible sale. That shot of the dice and poker chips  is so far beyond good. I'm speechless. I swear I wasn't hinting but I am so deeply touched that you would do this. I honestly do love your work and this is just perfect for my black and white room. Thank you so very much!

Dear Bibhash: Thank you so much for coming up to the Lake of the Ozarks on Sunday to do the interview. I know that is quite a trip, but I really appreciated your interest in the major issues that are facing us. This is a very hectic time in Congress and I appreciate the chance to share my views with your viewers. Hope you were able to get some good coverage of the event as well. It was good to see you at the Lake of the Ozarks and I look forward to seeing you again, next time we are in Springfield or the surrounding area.
-Senator C.S.B.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the wonderful coverage you gave us on the Wheel Power Christian Cyclist group that came  to our church this past weekend. Your staff was very professional and considerate during the taping of this story and we were overwhelmed by the wonderful piece that aired on the nightly news.
-Pastor R.H.

It was great appreciation that I want to thank you for arranging to have the Public Service Announcement produced by Theresa and Bib. Theresa and Bib did an outstanding job with the production in Branson. Their creativity and ease of working wit Mr. (Tony) Orlando, his people and the veterans made the experience refreshing. The final tape will get the attention of every viewer.

Thank you for all of your help while I was interning. I appreciate all of the opportunities you all gave me to learn more about TV production. I know it was probably wearing having all the interns following you around, and I'm especially thankful for you all letting me tag along and showing me how to do things.

This is to let everyone know about the hard work and effort spent on Monday's newscast. It proves once again that a little bit of talent and 2 hours of work pays off. Everyone kicked in and gave 110%. - Bib Chaudhuri, amongst a snarl of audio and IFB cables, managed to find time to pick out 4th of July music and keep the mics sounding good despite being outside. Special thanks to each of you for your own level and brand of expertise. This was not a simple task, but we put on a good show.

Bib-Thanks for all of your assistance with our project. I was very pleased with the final product and I know that's a direct result of your efforts. Thanks Again!
-J McC.

Dear Bib, Thank you for your recommendation the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences! I didn't make it to a final position but that is alright. I really appreciate your time and effort.

Your Cheers, Mr Sun Photo reminds me so much of a Herb Ritts photo from the early 1950's that he did for one of the vodka companies (Smirnoff, I believe). As great as that photo was.....I think I like this one better! Great, great work.


Testimonials Part II:

You did it again! The (Cheers Mr Sun) is so unique and creative. Beautiful! Also, thank you...I found a great photographer through you...
-T at FMP

I'm listening to Franz Schuberts Unfinihed Symphony No.8 in B minor; as I'm wandering through your photo galleries. (Seeing a path less traveled)  Its a perfect combination; it draws me to the image, making me wish I could pass into it and experience the moment wholly. Still, doing so vicariously is no small thing. Its an enviable record of an enviable moment. A tip of the hat to you for posting such a beautiful photo!

Agim from Ziggie's called this AM and said the thought his spot was terrific!! Thanks for the great work.
-Gary O.

I spent New Years Eve at a Millwood Party and the guests included Brian Williams of "The Bank". He had high praise for Bib & Megan for how fun & easy they made the holiday greeting production. They want to do more biz in '98! Pass on my thanks.

Bib, I just wanted to thank you for the great camera work you did for our PSA "Salute A Veteran". As always it was a a pleasure working with you. Many of our folks have previewed the tape and they have all been impressed. We know it will catch the attention of all viewers. Your ease with the (Tony) Orlando people and the veterans made the production much easier for everyone. Again THANKS!!!!

Dear Bib, Greetings from Phoenix, Az. I meant to stop by and thank you and Dave personally for the internship opportunity you allowed me this spring and it was a pleasure working with you and Dave. I saw a position for a "Media Buyer" I went and applied and they chose me out of a hundred some applicants. I have never been that lucky.  So I am a media buyer now. I really wanted to get into media production since that is what I got my degree in, but media operations is quite challenging. This is not as fun as setting up for a live shoot. Thanks again for all production knowledge you shared with me!! Sincerely,
Dear Bib: Just a brief note to share with you the success of our recent "Salute a Veteran" promotion that you helped with in your support. The following figures represent more than just "numbers", they represent people who honored others by giving blood. There were 3,065 individuals who presented themselves at the three fixed sites and 45 bloodmobiles, and from those donors there were 2,710 productive units collected. The response of folks giving blood for the first time were outstanding. During this four week period there were 287 first time donors. All of this response culminates in having over 7,600 units of life-saving blood products available for hospitals in 27 hospitals. Many people contributed to the success of this special time. The reported on the event and used public service announcements; Tony Orlando and five veterans helped make the television public service announcement. Branson shows provided free tickets and our volunteers and staff gave extra to make all this happen. We can only say "thank you" and assure you  that your part was important in helping blood donors give special recognition to the men and women who have served our country in the military service. Again, thanks for all your help and support.
Director of Public Relations, CBCO

I''m listening to Franz Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No.8 in B minor; as I'm wandering through your photo stream. Its a perfect combination; it draws me to the image, making me wish I could pass into it and experience the moment wholly. Still, doing so vicariously is no small thing. Its an enviable record of an enviable moment. A tip of the hat to you for posting such a beautiful photo!